A copyright is any expression which owes its origin to the author – If you have created a new literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic work such as a book, poetry, newspaper articles, painting, photograph, sculpture, film, music, choreography, computer program, website, database, advertisement, brochure, map, or technical drawing, etc., your rights over your work are described in legal terms as copyright and your ownership of that work is protected under copyright law. Unlike other IP rights, such as trademarks and patents, an exclusive ownership right accrues as soon as the original work of authorship is manifested in a tangible or material form. Thereafter, such work can only be used by the original owner. Copyright is a bundle of exclusive rights. As a copyright holder you are protected against the unauthorized reproduction, distribution, performance, or display of your work and any acts that would deprive you of revenue and discourage further creative work.

The main international legal instrument dealing with copyrights is the Berne Convention. More than 190 countries are signatory to the convention. The Berne Convention establishes a general and minimum period that lasts the life of the author and fifty years after the author’s death. Cinematographic works and photographic works have a minimum period of protection of 50 and 25 years upon the date of creation, respectively. This applies to any country that has signed the Berne Convention, and these are just the minimum periods of protection. A member country is entitled to establish greater periods of protection, but never less than what has been established by the Berne Convention.

Although to be entitled to legal protection copyright registration is not necessary, it is however recommended when your work is of high commercial value. Copyright registration provides a convenient proof of your rights and can help enforcing these against any infringers more efficiently.

Axiom Mark provides its valuable clients premium services in relation to their copyright matters and issues encompassing mainly the following:

  • Preparation, filing and prosecution of registration application
  • Enforcement of rights
  • Assignment and licensing of rights

Why should you register your Copyright?

Important Things that you need to know about this legal entity!

Whether you are a SME or a branch of a multinational company trying to get a breakthrough in the UAE market, it is essential that you get your copy right registered on time. With every company trying to find innovative ways to create identities for themselves in the market, it is important to protect those innovations from misuse, theft and any illegal activity. Intellectual Property gives your business legal protection of its investment from any illegal usage like fraudulence, forgery and replicas. Patents, Trademarks, Industrial design and others fall under the registered category, whereas, copyrights, unregistered trademarks and a few others are non-registered IP.

Protects what is legally yours

Every aspect of your company is subject to misuse. Without protection, you might not be able to defend them from illegal usage. With registered copy rights, you get to protect what is yours, and you have the sole power to decide who can reuse and reproduce them and how. Be it your brand name, logo, tagline, your product or service, an aspect of your product or service, mark your name on them so that nobody else claims control over them by registering your IP. Non-registered IP allows your concept to be copied, whereas registering your IP will give you monopoly control over it and not allow it from being copied.

Provides prima facie evidence in court

Registering your copy right will act as evidence in court in case of any infringement matters in court. A non-registered IP owner will find it difficult to prove the existence of the concept, prove ownership or control over it, the time and place of creation of the concept, etc. Thus, a registered Intellectual Property will serve as hands down proof in any court of law protecting your legal title over your idea or concept.


There is a visibly written proof that you are owner of the idea/invention and you are the sole controller of its rights. A non-registered Intellectual Property on the other hand is only a reminder that you are the owner, but the world has no obligation to agree. It is not put down in paper; hence, there is no immediate proof of your ownership over your investment. By registering your Intellectual Property, you let the world formally know your title of ownership over your concept.

Enables Customer Retention

Having your Copyright in place is like registering your Intellectual Property that, will enable easy identification of your idea in the minds of your customers. Your customers will develop a very personal connection with your idea, provided it is of good quality and performance. For instance, a customer might prefer Lay’s Chips over Bingo no matter the quantity or new flavors introduced by Bingo. If the customer develops that sort of bond with your product, it is certainly the biggest asset you can ever be entitled to. This is possible only with a registered Intellectual Property.

Though an unregistered Intellectual Property still means that you are the owner of your idea, a registration of your idea, will fetch innumerable benefits that you will definitely be thankful for when complications arise. It will make your idea eligible to a number of benefits provided by the legal system, like remedial action or grievance compensation for infringement of your property. Thus, registering your IPIP would be the best decision you can make.

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The success story of the “Earth’s Finest” Brand is evident from the Regional reach we have achieved in such a short span of time. We are proud to have Axiom as our partner in protecting the valuable asset our brand and constantly advising, guiding, and counselling on the best enforcement and protection strategies in the entire GCC Region. Despite fierce market competition; Axiom has successfully provided impeccable legal services and done so in a cost-effective manner. Through Axiom we have secured 24 trademark registrations for our brand across the entire region. Based on our experience, we recommend Axiom IP to all those seeking efficient IP Registrations across the Middle East region.

Lakshan Mandawala
, LA International Pvt Ltd

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